Web Design Styles Which Will Rule the Year 2015

Today, I would like to discuss the Web Design trends that ruled the year 2014, and would continue to do so in 2015. How these themes would impact the Word Press Community, from the Word Press Plug-ins to the Word Press themes to the opportunities the trends are going to offer, is all discussed in this blog post. Let’s start now.

Get Responsive or See Your Website Dying Slowly

If your website is not responsive yet, then it simply means that you are either not interested in increasing your business through it or are simply unaware of the benefits that the responsive designs offer. There are still arguments over the implementation, but no one tells you to get rid of the responsive design and due to its rising trend, more and more sites are choosing to go in its direction. This was the case in 2014 and it’s simply not going anywhere in 2015. In fact, you can start considering it as a new norm instead of the new trend.

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Ghost Buttons are a New Trend

The ghost buttons have slowly gained popularity and the reason for it is quite simple. This is because they are stylish, minimal and a delight to use with the subtle hover animation. You can look for the trend to continue into the year 2015, considering how you pair it with the huge videos and the background images that are again a rising trend today.

Bigger Emphasis on Typography

The web type kits allowed for the beautiful typefaces and beautiful fonts are costly. This means that all the sites which heavily rely on the typographic designing trend are required for larger budgets. However, this trend is now changing as the type kits have become somewhat affordable or free in the case of Google Fonts. This is good news for the designers as they are working with small budgets for bringing the typography skills to the web designing table. This gives more flexibility to the WordPress theme designers for including the typographic flexibility, providing the stylish type-centric design achievable for all those who are looking for a well designed WordPress theme.

Big Background Videos & Images

This is yet another trend that grew popular in 2014 and is going to stay in the trend for 2015. One of the easiest ways for making your site stand out is with the help of great content that is displayed prominently. The trend is a good enough way for accomplishing beautiful designs as these can be folded easily into a large design philosophy/style to feel elegant and powerful.

Scroll the Page by Clicking

The Parallax designs continue to grow, skewing in the direction of an enjoyable and effective mobile experience; this is because scrolling will continue to dominate clicking. This makes it intuitive, cut down load times and offer dynamic interaction taking place between the website and the user.


The Card Designs Will Continue to Become Better

Even though the card designs are not new, they still are a great tool for the designers who create responsive designs. This is because they are a good way for keeping the things modular, rearranging columns without getting disorganized and sloppy. This also allows them to browse the general data by prompting the users to drill down and see more. You will see the card designs throughout the year of 2015 as they are a clean and simple way with a lot of flexibility.

Flat Design will stay in Trend and would grow into Material Design

Not only the flat design would continue to stay in power but they would further grow into a material design, which Google unveiled this year. A Metaphor material is a theory of rationalized system of motion and space. It’s grounded in tactile reality, open to imagination, magic and inspired by study of paper and ink.

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