Tips To Make Design According To Clients’ Expectations

The designer and client’s expectations do not always correlate. This means that a lot of times, your client want you to develop a certain type of design, but what they don’t know is that the goals they want to achieve through it won’t be accomplished with it. In short, you can say that a lot of times people don’t know what they require until you show them and it holds 99% true for the design clients.

Of course, there are good clients who tell you all their needs from day one and leave the project up to you. After you present your design, they accept it without any fuss and hire you for another project.

But those clients don’t come that often, which is why, you have to prepare for the worst possible outcomes. This blog post is about the way you should deal with such clients:

Clients Don’t Hire You for their Happiness

Even though the clients think that they are hiring you to make themselves happy, but this is not the case. All they are hiring you for is to have their goals accomplished and if that doesn’t happen then they don’t look happy at all. This is what you have to focus on as a designer. You have the knowledge that they don’t, which is why; you as a designer must not walk away from the principles of design and should produce a design that can fulfill their company’s goal.

Clients are not creative like you

Another reason as to simply not design what the clients expect from you is because they have little to no design knowledge, which is why; you must not solely rely on their requirements when you are the one who knows the technical details about it. Clients usually can compare what they want from the existing designs and not anything else.

Your job is to design and guide them along the way, but don’t make a mistake of committing to the changes they ask, in fact, take some time to understand what is missing so you can make the changes later.

Your Designs Represent You and Not the Clients

As discussed above that what a client expects most of the time is not what they require for meeting their needs. So in case, you just go along with doing everything they ask, you could either have a project that is not worthy of display in your portfolio or even worse than that.

This would surely hurt your future as a designer if it doesn’t hurt the client first. Also, you need to consider the budget of the client when designing so you don’t end up designing everything on a low budget only to get frustrated afterwards.

Deal through a Sugar Coated Way

When deciding about the client expectations, you are required to politic your clients for meeting their expectations and goals, just the way politicians do to win the critics to their side. Last but not least, give your clients the confidence of becoming successful with the design that is different from their expectations.

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