Use Conductor for the Better Mobile Optimization of Your Site

Well, we all know how the Google’s Mobile Update has changed the fortune of 500 websites, however if your site is not affected yet, chances are you have optimized it for the mobile update. If not, you still don’t have to worry, as there are tools available in the market built by Conductor. According to them, the mobile visibility is going to help the

businesses in understanding which content is mobile friendly and which isn’t and the way it would affect the Google rankings. Even though this is obvious now, Conductor helps the customers to review one million pages on their website so as not to miss anything.

Also, according to its CEO, it can identify those areas in which your competitors lack as far as the mobile optimization is concerned, thus creating a really lucrative opportunity for your website to climb the rankings, targeting the mobile-targeted content. In addition to this, Conductor also helps in identifying specific technical issues related to your site and helps in assigning them to your tech task for having them fixed.

How the mobile optimization will work for you?

By optimizing your site for the mobile algorithm, you are going to gain a lot of advantages, as it’s not just good for the consumers or the Google itself, but it’s equally beneficial for the site owners. The websites send a number of visitors to the Smartphone sites, contributing a large portion of website’s revenue through the means of search. Also, according to the study of the top 100 mobile properties by Branding Brand, search results showed that almost half of all the Smartphone traffic is the search traffic. Furthermore, organic search has produced 25% of all the revenue on the Smartphone-optimized sites.

With time, we continue to witness the increasing growth of the mobile traffic.  The Smartphone visits have grown 35% year after year and the Apple devices have accounted for 59% of all the Smartphone visits. The 28% of all the online revenue was generated by the mobile devices.


The conductor is slowly billing itself as the web presence management platform and its roots in the search engine optimization along with the new Mobile Visibility capabilities are included as part of the search experience tracking. You can either use such tools or let a professional Atlanta web design company do it for you, as this way, you can fancy your chances of having a highly accurate and optimized site which would rank higher in the mobile searches.


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