Improve Your Website’s Loading Time for Better Traffic and Sales

Website loading time is really important when it comes to the customers’ attention in addition to the search engines. So if your site is not loading properly, you don’t have to worry about it, all you have to do is to consult with the web designers to have some of the front end elements changed according to your requirements.

You may think that 4 to 5 second loading speed is good enough, even though when it comes to the loading of the website, one second can make a huge difference in the visitor’s behavior and perception.

The reason that website loading time is so critical to the success of your website is because of the following five reasons:

One of the Ranking Factors of SEO

Google wants to improve the user experience, giving them what they are looking for instead of turning them to use some other browser. In case your site loads slowly, it would not only make the user to switch to some other site, but would also create a negative impression in the mind of the user about the search engine.

Creates a Negative Impression

Your website is like your online office. Everything from its layout to the time it takes to load matters. You wouldn’t want a client to wait for a long time when he is visiting you for a meeting at your physical office so why should the website make him wait. This would only hurt your business image in their mind and would hurt your leads.

Visitors often are impatient

No one likes to wait another second for getting their work done when they have already multiple options to go with. This is the case with the online world, which is why; you can’t risk losing your traffic to the slow loading time of your website.

Would Make Your Press Hard for the Conversions

Even with those people who would stay with your website until it loads, you are starting in the red zone. Anything that doesn’t click to them would put them off as they would already have waited long enough to get to know the desired information related to the services/products you are offering.

Won’t Give any Completion to your Competitors

Your competitors would freely walk away with all your clients, without you giving them any competition no matter how great your services are.

So keeping mind all the above mentioned points, all you have to do is to consult with a professional web design Atlanta services provider to have pretty things such as the loading time of your site fixed as early as possible for the betterment of your site.


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