5 Important WP Tips by Medialinkers

WordPress has become a really important platform for the websites. WordPress is considered as the cream and crop of the sites, being one of the most popular CMS platforms around. There are some ways for maximizing the functionality to develop top notch WordPress business sites.

Working on the Security of the WordPress Site

Security is one of the issues, which come with WordPress. Since it’s popular, hackers are always looking to crack into it. There are some ways through which you can harden the site, increase its security for limiting the number of available entry points available for logging on your site. Also, you need to select themes from trustworthy sites and configure your site in way which would maximize its potential damage. Also, don’t forget to implement a backup plan for your data. At Medialinkers, we take care of all such requirements as part of our development process, as this way you would rest assured that your site would be protected from the data loss and security breach.

Optimize For SEO

In case, you have not updated the metadata of your site, you are missing on the benefits that SEO offers. You need to go to the general settings and ensure that all the things are working the way they have to be. There are also ways for optimizing your site for the search engines for example, by installation of Good SEO tools like WordPress SEO by Yoast or All in One SEO Pack.

These SEO tools help a lot in ensuring that your page titles, web content including the descriptions are according to the industry standards and you are including relevant keywords for the optimization of your site’s presence in the search engines. Medialinkers, take special care in the optimization of its site during the design process. All the descriptions, titles and keywords are done accordingly to benefit from the Google opportunities. However, there is much more to SEO than simple title and Meta description optimization.

Creating WordPress URLs

A good developer can also help you strategize your links so that future updates are a breeze and they never become outdated. Let Bright Tribe show you how we can help.

Make sure that your permalinks are not generic which means that you have to customize the WordPress URLs for making your pages accessible to both the search engine crawlers and humans. For updating the URLs, you need to go to the permalink settings, making sure that the links are set with the query strings.

BlockSpam Comments

The Spammers are always looking for a lookout for the web pages which allow comments; this means that if you have any pages on your site, you would start receiving the spam comments. This is where you have to act smart and configure the settings for creating notifications, which help in the intersection of spam before it becomes visible. However, if you have a large scale business, you would have to implement an efficient solution. Medialinkers can install the functionality for automating the spam monitoring process.

Always Connect with the Social Media

There are lots of plugins available which help in connecting your site to the social media. Without social media, you are missing out on all the great opportunities that social media channels offer. Medialinkers will connect your site to all the social media channels in case you require some help regarding it.

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