Google Hangouts: Perfect Solution for Your Online Business

Management and Growth

Wondering how to use the Google Hangouts for the growth of an online business? Well, you have landed at the right place, as this blog post covers all the points which would help you to start running and growing your business on Google Hangouts in no time. At the start, the things would be slow, but you really don’t have to worry as Google hangouts don’t have the reputation like the other mighty social networks, but this doesn’t mean that Google hangouts haven’t caught on compared to its competition.

Google hangouts are very valuable for delivering invaluable resources for the online business owners, helping them to easily record and share the online presentations group. Also, the best thing about Google Hangouts is that they are free to use, providing a financial savvy solution for the business owners everywhere. For the better management of your page, you can always seek out the professional services of the Social Media and SEO experts of Medialinkers, a company specializing in web technology.

4 Tips to Consider For Google Hangouts

Conduction of Virtual Team Meetings

The online business owners’ toughest challenge is regarding the telecommuting of the internal employees.  Conference calls are always required when communicating with the business clients and are impossible to manage on the move. This is where Google Hangouts come into the picture. This is how you would be able to get the face to face engagement required for connecting and brainstorming, for efficiently managing and executing your business projects.

Offer Consultation Services to Your Clients

The internal employees are not the only clients which the online business attracts. There are a lot of clients which are out of your geographical home range. With the help of the Google hangouts, you can easily reduce the miscommunication, as you get an explicit chance of seeing each other for the presentations and consultations. This offers an opportunity for connecting and engaging with your clients.

Provides Webinars

Looking to share the invaluable information to your client base and want to prove that you are the expert in your field, you can have the webinars hosted with the Google Hangouts, as this is quite an easy way to do it. After, you have installed the Google video chat plugin/app, all you have to do is to start and name a hangout. From there onwards, the Google would take over, uploading and recording the sessions for you quickly.

Have a Press Conference

Have you got exciting news, which you would like to offer to the masses? You can use Google Hangouts as it would share the noteworthy tidbits, giving your guests an opportunity for an answer and question session for maximizing the time together.


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