7 Trends of How the Images Are Used Today

Images Have Become An Increasing Trend

According to Facebook, the videos uploaded on the Facebook averages 1 billion views per day with over 65% of the worldwide views through the ever increasing smartphone users. This means that you need to pay attention to how your design would look on the mobile devices. The tablets and Smartphones have started to feature high screen resolutions, using the images and increasing their quality.

The Bigger The Better

The designers are using images to tell the story of the entire message, emphasizing on the bold images, instead of the busy designs with a lot of texts. There is also a lot of shared images over the internet, with a simple caption that are used by the designers of professional companies such as Medialinkers.

Represent Feminine Messages Better

The women images have only grown in demand in the recent years. The stock image sites have started including more images of the female lead in relation with life and work, with an aim to show people powerful women images in place of the stereotypical images that are seen in the media.

Adds Diversity

Instead of representing the same person again and again and the same type of visuals, the images have become diverse to look appealing to the users’ eyes. On any festive occasion such as Valentines etc., you would now see different images representing love transcending communities, sexual orientations, and the ethnic backgrounds.

Usually Awes the User

There are images which are so crystal clear and appealing that they leave the others in awe. Images of landscapes and mountain ranges fall in this category.  These images are becoming increasingly popular and are a part of the final destination.

Images are Experiential

The technological tools such as GoPro helps in making the action videos and shot images a realistic look also adding the first person experience. This offers a closed view helping to put the viewer in the position of the filmmaker or a photographer.


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