Understanding the Color Psychology and using it For Great Designs

Colors influence us all. This makes the color psychology really important in the design aspects. The colors are used everywhere, from brand logos to web designs. This makes color a really important part for conveying messages to the potential users.

According to Kissmetrics, a visitor only takes about 90 seconds to form an opinion about a site. And during those 90 seconds, the 60-90% of the decision depends on the web colors.

What is the meaning of Colors?

The color psychology is not exactly a science, and is different from one individual to another. The societal consideration such as gender makes an impact on how color is perceived. According to the studies, the way users feel about the color and its use depends on how the color is used to the brand. From the personal preferences to the cultural background, colors mean a lot to every individual.

Additionally, white is used for the text, which denotes modernity and a sense of calm, while purple has been chosen to denote luxury, elegance and femininity – all of which are clearly appropriate for a site such as this.

White color is used for the text, denoting a sense of calm, modernity while the color purple is selected to denote elegance, luxury and feminism. All these are dependent on site’s message in general.

Also, you have to make sure that a site is not using more than 3 colors if it’s a corporate site, as using too many colors would also harm the site’s message. This is what the web designers of Medialinkers would suggest you.

Determining the Color Scheme

With this in mind, you should take care when mixing colors together and to help you with this, you can be guided by three basic methods of color mixing.

Determining the color scheme for the blog is really important. And as a start, you can take help from the three basic color methods such as Triads, Compound and Analogus.

Tools for Choosing Right Colors

You can always use the ready-made color palettes for helping yourself further when selecting different colors. However, what you need to know is that you don’t have to reinvent the color wheel for the web UI. Some of the tools you can use are as follows:

  • Adobe Color CC:Color provider for the Adobe users.
  • Paletton – Color picker for the beginners.
  • Flat UI Color Picker – Creates colorful flat designs
  • Mudcube Color Sphere – provides color themes and HEX numbers.
  • Check My Colors – Helps to check the foreground and background combinations of colors, having the correct contrast for use by people suffering from colorblindness.
  • Color- helps in picking the colors, moving across the screen, saturating them and getting the HEX code.

Color is quite an important part of design, and this makes it very significant to the overall brand. The colors used must convey the brand personality, adding to the overall brand story and its meaning. Most of the times, designers have to work with the existing logos, and this may seem very constrictive to you, the choice of selecting colors from the palettes helps a lot and makes life easier!


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