Pay Attention to 4 CTA Tips to Draw More Traffic and Clicks

Call-to-action buttons, commonly abbreviated as (CTAs) drive more clicks than the other type of buttons. And this is found that adding in images for the people looking into the CTA direction for boosting the click rates. Whether, you are looking to add a hover effect or changing the background color, you need to create a contrast between the page and the button. The design impact would have a huge performance on the landing page.

There are 4 simple tips for boosting your performance of CTAs

Rounded Corners

Pointed and sharp corners make for boring and flat CTAs. Also, a psychological research tells that the human brain avoids them.

The Bigger the Better

CTA needs to be very prompt for the users. It needs to be the first thing which they notice on a page. You need to make it stand out and don’t let the page design overwhelm it.

Making it Tappable

You also need to make it tappable across the mobile screen so that it can be available for tapping for the mobile users. Make it easy for them to tap it.

Exploring the Shape Options

The rectangle, square and triangle are all shapes that are used for CTAs. You can use and test them for checking your audience preferences. Circular buttons are popular these days as the users appreciate them being a mimic of physical buttons.

Marketers and graphic designers are always discussing and arguing the best ways for optimizing the CTAs. However, they both agree on one thing, which is that it requires a team effort requiring more than just a smart design for making a campaign successful.  For more details, you can get in touch with the marketers and designers of Medialinkers. Furthermore, you can read the Medialinkers reviews to know for yourself what the clients are saying about it!


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