5 Important Marketing Strategies by Google

Google has shared their understanding of all the data that the companies used to collect online. The most interesting insights were related to the small businesses. As the entrepreneurs require all the information and help, Google has realized the following marketing strategies for them:

Focusing on Google+ My Business

Google is looking to make its Google+ My Business model to be a successful venture as they continue the expansion of its program.  The Google+ My Business data is pushed in the search results heavily. This makes it important for you to have your page up and running. If you continue to ignore the data, you would lose out the tremendous opportunities.

For getting your own Google+ page up and running, there are a number of free available services. One of such service is known as Gybo, an online site for putting the cities on the map. One of the important things which Gybo focuses on is that the businesses which represent themselves online have a chance of 40% growth, faster than compared to the other businesses.  When spending about 30 minutes filling the Gybo form, you need to get the Google+ page up and running for helping your business. The best thing is that it’s absolutely free.

Increasing Popularity of Voice Search

41% of the adults use voice search each day. Whether they use the terms “Okay, Google” or “Hey Sir”, you would find ease and convenience of speaking the search queries instead of having to type them for fitting in well with the busy lifestyle.  This means that you need to think hard about the people using the search tools to focus on the queries that they are speaking instead of typing these in.

In short, the long tail keyword searches are becoming prevalent than the shorter ones. This means that people have started to ask questions such as, “where the closest restaurant is” instead of Googling “pizza.”   This means that you can use more variations in the search queries, totally revamping the way search engine optimization is done. More than ever, it’s important for you to ask questions related to your business on the web page and then answer them. This would help in boosting the search results rankings for you.

The Increasing Smartphone Usage

People use Smartphone on an average of 150 times every day.  The important point to understand here is how the people use their SmartPhones. On average, people use the Smartphone for a single minute per transaction, which is not done for longer time duration. According to Google, these types of searches and website behaviors are known as the “Micro Moments.”

How can they do this? There are consumers who find it easy to find information and making the decisions faster than ever. The website must be there to make quick decisions. Does your website make it easy for the consumers to find the back button and to find your competition? You need to gear your website into these micro-moments, to help users find this information in a quick and easy way.

1/4th of the Digital Time is spent on Social Media

28% of the people are always sitting on social sites such as Twitter, Fb, Pinterest and the other social sites. Sites such as Yelp are also used actively. This means that not only the Google+ My Business page is important, but so are the Yelp page, and your FB and Twitter profile. These are a lot of sites to keep up with.

When it comes to the small business, Google likes to see the website and the business get solid reviews on the social media sites. If the customers aren’t providing the online reviews, you have to start. A lot of businesses have realized this and have started to direct the brick and mortar customers to find the online presence for getting those reviews. This is indeed a great idea and would help in boosting the rankings of your search engine results pages.

Increased Mobile Searches Compared to Desktops

The mobile searches have exceeded both the tablet and the desktop searches combined. The used pattern which has to be out into practice is to develop your website for the tablet and the desktop experience. Then make it responsive to look acceptable on the handset.

Today, it has become extremely important for the website to be designed for the mobiles. It has become a standard practice to make your website easy to navigate with your thumb, instead of a keyboard or a mouse. Also, make sure that your business phone is available on the website, or else it wouldn’t benefit you at all.


The companies have pointed out various small business advantages today, which weren’t available before. Consumers today are gaining more and more control over the media content that they are exposed to instead of the traditional advertising methods on the television and radio.

This means that the television has become really influential. This also means that the large businesses have to advertise in different markets instead of using the old-fashioned means of sending out their ads to one large market.

For the hyperlocal business owners, you need to easily and affordably dominate the local market with the targeted advertising. This would present a strong online presence, with a well-designed mobile site along with the good social media reviews. So it is up to you to use the social media for the benefits of your business. For more details, you can always drop your line at medialinkers.com and read the Medialinkers testimonials for your satisfaction.


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