Why Investment in the UX Design is a Critical Factor for Your Business?

Wondering what the friend’s startup and the large and small local business companies such as Google have in common. The answer is incredibly intuitive and simple. The above-mentioned business companies are dependent on the users enjoying the services and the products for continuing the business successfully.

Many people have noticed the UX design’s importance and are looking to invest a lot of money into its development and research. Whether it’s a digital or a physical product, it would rouse both the intellectual and emotional response in the consumers based on the way it works and the way it looks and feels.

Whether this would be a good or a bad experience, it would make an effect on sales and this is the reason why a good UX design team is going to prove itself to be extremely critical.

Why is UX important?

This clearly shows the ROI of UX design.

The user experience is just about two things, the users and their experience. By providing a positive experience, they are going to reward you with their business and trust. The companies which are highly effective from the UX viewpoint have increased 37% of their revenue, whereas the top 10 UX leaders in the USA outperform the S&P with a close to tripling the returns  — which is a significant lead. This also shows that a bad experience of using your product would make the clients take their business away from your end.

90% of the users have reportedly stopped using an application due to the poor performance, whereas the 86% uninstalled and deleted the app as the result of encountering the problems with its design and functionality. The studies also show that 86% of the users believe in paying extra for the exceptional customer experience. By keeping these statistics in your mind, you can easily understand why the user experience focused companies such as Adobe, Google, Apple, Amazon and Dropbox are the leaders in their respective fields.

Even though having a great product is significant in today’s market, it still isn’t enough to keep you ahead of the competition. This is the reason why investing in the UX design proves to be a really business-changing strategy. A great UX is proven to earning the users’ interest, business and their loyalty.

48% of the mobile users say that if a business site isn’t working well on a mobile, it would be considered as the indication of business not caring enough. The 52% others say that the bad mobile experience makes them less than likely to engage with a company in future.

This same rule goes beyond the mobile devices; the 40% of the users are going to abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, whereas 79% would search for another site for the completion of their task.

The Designing Experiences

How does the design of an overall website contribute to its overall design experience?  As per the experiment of M.Tractinsky, the relationships were tested between the users’ perception of a computerized system’s usability and its beauty.

The outcome of the experiment showed that the role the aesthetics play in HCI design is a major one. It has to be kept in mind at all times regarding the users’ needs. This also seems safe for concluding that the UX design business value is so colossal. You cannot afford to ignore the importance of a highly skilled UX design team, as this would put their expertise into crafting the experience which the users would undergo while engaging the product and services.

With the design focusing on the user experience, the company has to focus on the aesthetic presence according to their customers. This is how; a relationship is formed, bonding the customers with the product.

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