5 Marketing Challenges You Need to Get Around in 2016

You need fresh marketing ideas to become an established professional in 2016; however, it will also require a lot of work hard. The marketing competition is challenging and funding the marketing campaigns of big business companies is becoming increasingly difficult. 2016 will prove to be quite challenging as far as marketing is concerned.

The media culture has changed. People can no longer rely on the blog posts and long description of products to make their point. The consumer and marketer relationship has also changed, as today; marketers need to work hard for maintaining and making their connections. Just writing a blog won’t pull in any readers. Instead you need to plan a content marketing strategy to assist in the development of better relationships with customers.

Differentiate Your Ideas

Showcasing ideas in the digital world through writing is not a problem anymore. Anyone with access to twitter and a Smartphone can develop content to outsmart you. This is a reason why you need to continuously connect your audience so that people can see your content in the first place.

You also need to continuously diversify your strategy. Hiring content strategists would solve the problem for you. Stay on the top of your competition by using the available marketing resources creatively. You can consult with the digital marketing agencies such as Medialinkers to plan the marketing strategy for you.

Ever Changing Search Engine Algorithms

Marketers spend several years to understand the SEO world. Also, due to the continuous algorithmic changes, many marketers have switched to paid advertising to get immediate leads. When investing in SEO, make sure to expand your marketing plan around other marketing methods, to stay safe with the continuous changes in the Google’s algorithm.

Inundated World of Social Media

Search engines aren’t the only medium with shortcomings. You also have to make changes to your social media strategy in 2016. Just tweeting your messages and sharing Facebook updates won’t get consumers’ attention. People use social media for entertainment and connection, and if your message is not one of those, it would be ignored.

Diverse Marketing Plan for Consumers

Marketers need to target what consumers love. And Virtual Reality technology can offer a great help in this regard.  However, this technology is costly and you need to carefully plan around it to use it for your brand in 2016.


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