Enable Google Sitelinks for a Higher CTR

Google Sitelinks is a listing format presented below the main search result. Many sites operate using Sitelinks for increasing their reputation and CTR in addition to controlling the greater area of search results. This makes site links important for business sites and SEO. Google enables Sitelinks to help users to navigate to the important sections of a site without having to explicitly find them through the search results.

How to Get Sitelinks?

Although Google doesn’t guarantee to enable site links for every site, it recommends using a few steps to increase the chances of showing it against a brand name. The actual working of Sitelinks is kept hidden from people to prevent them from trying to manipulate search rankings. Some of the factors to consider are as follow:

  • Brand Name ranks on page 1 to generate Sitelinks
  • Easy to Navigate Links
  • High Search Traffic
  • Strong Click through Rate
  • Strong Internal Links
  • Unique Titles and Meta Descriptions For Every Page

What to Avoid?

  • Directing traffic to one page
  • Using same title and Meta descriptions
  • Thin content pages with little or uninformative content

Improving the odds of getting Sitelinks

Given below is a list to help you improve the odds of getting Sitelinks for your site in the search results:

  • Use Structured Navigation

Use <nav> as an HTML feature with CSS to style menu for achieving the desired look. Create a box or button appearance for links.

  • Organize Navigation

Present navigation in an organized manner for presenting logical destinations for visitors to choose frequently. Do not offer a lot of choices for the visitors on the navigation menu or else they will become confused. Also, make sure to use only the main links as the navigation items. Use Sitelinks to present visitors with a good number of pages for choosing to visit.

Unique Name

If the brand name is too generic, no matter what you do, it may not qualify for a Sitelink, since users will have a lot of choices to click elsewhere for the similarly named sites.  Focus on a unique brand name to qualify for Google Sitelinks.

Unique Titles and Meta Descriptions

Create informative and unique titles and Meta descriptions especially for main site pages from the main navigation for improving the CTR from search results. Focus on the Meta information to avoid misleading searches because you don’t want people to click on a site that doesn’t offer relevant information to the title and Meta description shown in the search results.

Make Site Valuable for Users

Make the content on a site useful for the readers, as Google knows when a user returns to search results. If users keep on returning to search results after clicking through a site, it will not help the site’s reputation.

You can also consult with a professional marketing firm such as Medialinkers SEO agency to get started.


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