7 Signs Your Site Needs a Redesign

A website beyond doubt is an important part of any business, however, since the design trends are always changing your site must not only look good but also on top of the changing trends. Given below are some red flags, which will help you assess if your site needs redesigning.

  1. Mobile Views Are Not Clear

Today, you need a site that is responsive and fits across all the viewable devices. The time spent on mobile devices is higher than the time spent on desktop devices. Most of the mobile users are either searching on Google or shopping on-the-go or they could simply be surfing the sofa.  In case, your site doesn’t work well for mobile users, you are missing out on a huge profit opportunity. If it’s been a long time, since you checked your site on a Smartphone, you need to do it now.

  1. Remove Flash

Are you using Flash for animations on your site? If yes, then Flash has not been used since 2011 on a web platform. Apple products don’t support Flash while the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing don’t even use it. The flash-driven sites also need plug-in installation. These also require a reboot. The search engines have already replaced it through HTML5, so if your site is using Flash, you need to get rid of it now.

  1. Review Search Engine Rankings

You probably would have followed SEO recommendations when starting your business and crammed the landing page with as many keywords as possible when starting out. Things have changed a lot since then. The other search engines and Google want to offer the best information to users. Change your SEO strategy today and ask a web design firm like Medialinkers to integrate a blog with a site to post on a daily basis.

  1. Group Visitors

If you are not reading the web analytics regularly, you need to start doing it now to get the truth about your web business. You will find out the number of visitors sticking around to buy something. Make sure your call-to-action and shopping cart is easy to set up. Make your pictures vibrant in addition to fixing its bounce rate.

  1. Bunch Design

In case, your site is having a lot of bunch designs, it needs to be changed each year. But, if it’s been longer than five years, you site will look out of date. Users appreciate a good design. If they think that something doesn’t look good, they might not trust what you are selling. If you have not dedicated the resources into making a nice site, then obviously your site may not be providing the nice customer handling services.

  1. Three-Second Rule

Users on average spend 3 seconds on a site. However, 40% of the potential customers will turn away if a site takes more than 3 seconds to load. This makes it important to speed things up for your site.

  1. More Room

Remember, it’s all about that customer’s user experience. You might only get one chance to impress them, so make sure it looks great. Make more room on a website to include the trendy items and updated videos about your business services.

You can consult with web design Kennesaw Company to redesign a site for your needs.



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