Magnus, New Addition to WordPress Photoblogging Themes

Magnus is a new addition to the WP Photoblogging themes, developed by Hugo Baeta. Hugo Beata has worked on different WP designs, available in design handbook and subtle refinements to the admin color scheme. Magnus is the Baeta’s first theme to make to the WordPress directory. The designers at Kennesaw web design have appreciated the Magnus theme.

The theme mainly focuses on the photographs and gives a full-width featured image option for the posts. The homepage when set to display posts, focuses on the post’s recent title and the featured images shown at the top of a page with the most recent ones with tiles and featured images.

Magnus is equipped with unique new features such as CSS3 keyframes animation with scale property. The resulting effects also make it possible for the users as if they are traveling through images. The theme also offers options such as tasteful CSS animations for toggling, page transitions and menus.

Baeta’s attention to typography is clearly visible in the highly readable single post design. The theme uses a combination of Google fonts, Karla for paragraph text and Monsterrat for the header area. There is a one widgetized, sidebar area that can be toggled into view from the screen’s right side. The sidebar is semi transparent and slides into view smoothly making for a less jarring experience compared to the other sidebar implementations. The blockquotes can be centered to left, right or center of the layout.

The theme doesn’t allow a lot of design-related customizer options and only lets a change in the header image or text color. The overall design is all about showcasing your images. If you want to install this theme on your website, you can always consult with Medialinkers, a web design agency in Atlanta that can help you customize Magnus or build a custom WordPress theme from scratch for your site.


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