6 Platforms to Learning Web Development at an Affordable Price

Learning web development is not difficult as understood by most people. Given below are a few sites to go through when looking to make a career in web development, complied by the Medialinkers web development team.

  1. Codeacademy

Codeacademy  is one of the best sites to learn web development. The courses are structured nicely with basic and easy to understand explanations. It is also interactive at the same time. As you move along, it tells you about your errors and offer hints on fixing them. You need to register to take a look at the courses to decide where you need to begin. Newbies can start with the web fundamentals such as HTML, CSS JS, PHP and JQuery or APIs. The site is free to use.

  1. TreeHouse

TreeHouse is a project-oriented on anyone looking to build a site or an application. All the code is project based, with easy to follow quizzes. You get access to all courses at $25/month. Subscribe to $49/month to access workshops and interact with teachers. TreeHouse is for everyone looking to gain knowledge from beginner to expert level.

Choose foundation courses in HTML, CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, CSS3 and jQuery or build a project straight away.the place is perfect for building web apps and sites.

  1. Code Avengers

Code Avengers is a fun site to learn HTML, CSS3 and JavaScript to build sites, apps and games. Code Avengers is also a free site with three training levels set against each language with 10 hours per level set as the average time.

  1. Code School

Code School is where you can search after going through Code Avengers and Codeacademy. The site is defined for intermediate and advanced learners to offer an in-depth training. It offers 4 path options such as Ruby, HTML/CSS, iOS and JavaScript. Instructions delivery is done through screencasts with a challenging practice afterwards.  Get hints and access to answers to see what went wrong. It has many free and paid courses. The subscription cost is set at $25/month.

  1. Udacity

Udacity is a site for advanced learners. Get accesses to great video lectures from the industry veterans including employees from Google. There are videos and real-life experts offering instructions. You also have the choice to take specific courses or enroll in a nanodegree program. The programs are tuition based offering you half of the tuition back on finishing a program. There are also a few basic degree programs.

  1. CodeHS

CodeHS  is a curriculum for students and teachers, focusing on teaching coding to high school students. From the fundamentals of computer science to the development of apps and games, the lessons are designed to run you through problem-solving skills such as game design, JavaScript, animation and Puzzles as the venues for teaching.

What are you waiting for? Start learning now with the above mentioned sites. You can also consult with Medialinkers web developers to get professional learning assistance.


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