Highlights of WordPress 4.5 Upgrade

The writers, designers and developers are rejoicing the release of WordPress 4.5. Even though this is not the biggest update by WordPress, they have implemented small changes and quality upgrades to customize a site, edit its text and make platform logging better.


Many theme frameworks are waiting for a day when they are just able to drop their theme into the platform and have the entire site designed in the browser without the customizer. Even though, WordPress hasn’t made the options available yet, but is getting close with it.

WordPress themes support addition of custom logos in the Customizer. Its support has to be defined in the theme in its UI though. The customizer is also providing a responsive preview option to help you preview your site across multiple devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile.

The customizer also has the ability to be fast, as it has the ability to refresh some content and theme elements. Not ever change requires a full page refresh.

Visual Editor

The visual editor gets an upgrade with two but powerful small features. First is regarding the addition of line links. Secondly, it offers new text shortcuts, one for editing horizontal lines and the other for the <code> element.


Lastly, you can now log in to WordPress with your email address instead of your username. Never worry about forgetting your username again!

The image resize settings for ImageMagick are also improved to reduce the heavy file weight and size.  Image compression value changes from 90 to 82, reducing the size, often by a margin with just a slight loss in image’s quality.

WordPress Login Details

You can also log-in to WordPress through your email address now instead of a username, so don’t worry if you forget your username!


All the changes introduced in the 4.5 version are small compared to the upgrades done in the past; however, all these small changes combined with make the use of WordPress easy for every user. What WordPress has in stores for us and how the Customizer goes in future, becomes really interesting now! Stay tuned to the Medialinkers web design blog for more information.


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