Knowing When to Redesign a Website

Just like a physical office or a house building needs renovation and maintenance, a website requires it from time to time. However, without proper planning, designing a website becomes a complete waste of time, money and effort. For taking the site to next level, Medialinkers web designers suggest a few steps such as:

You need to know the purpose of a site first, such as leads, users, downloads, education and purchases. What action do you want from the visitors? How can you keep the users engaged? Even though a pretty site is great, a site still has to deliver properly for driving its performance.

Determine site’s purpose by asking customers and stakeholders for ideas and input. Figure out the right components to be published on a site. A site doesn’t have to feature everything so you are required to make some difficult decisions at the same time. The next important step is to plan around. Create mock ups using tools such as HotGloo and Balsamiq for a design overview. Design mock ups are a great way to check the shape of a site without going into the details to make adjustment easily. Some more information is discussed in the infographic below.



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