Overview of UX and UI

If you are connected with the digital marketing field, you most probably have heard about UI and UX. In fact, both these terms are sometimes used interchangeably to be used more on the web. And though, both these terms are around for ages and sound quite simple, people fail to understand the exact meaning behind two. What you need to know is that both terms are separate and even though they are used interchangeably, have got separate meanings.

Defining UX and UI

When looking to answer UX and UI, you will probably get a different answer. However, how the majority of people define UX and UI is shared below:

  1. User experience is about analyzing the end user interaction with the website, its services, and products.
  2. User Interface, on the other hand, is a space which works as an interaction medium between machines and humans.

Regardless of how designers define UX and UI, there are still many people who misunderstand the concepts. The more surprising fact is that even a lot of designers use the terms interchangeably. The confusing element could be “U” in both terms, something which a layman would have in mind. The confusion can also come from the use of same skill-sets included in UI and UX projects. However, the only similarity between the two is that these are related. You can check out a graphical presentation showing the difference between UX and UI shared by Medialinkers web design team.



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