Overview of UX and UI

If you are connected with the digital marketing field, you most probably have heard about UI and UX. In fact, both these terms are sometimes used interchangeably to be used more on the web. And though, both these terms are around for ages and sound quite simple, people fail to understand the exact meaning behind two. What you need to know is that both terms are separate and even though they are used interchangeably, have got separate meanings.

Defining UX and UI

When looking to answer UX and UI, you will probably get a different answer. However, how the majority of people define UX and UI is shared below:

  1. User experience is about analyzing the end user interaction with the website, its services, and products.
  2. User Interface, on the other hand, is a space which works as an interaction medium between machines and humans.

Regardless of how designers define UX and UI, there are still many people who misunderstand the concepts. The more surprising fact is that even a lot of designers use the terms interchangeably. The confusing element could be “U” in both terms, something which a layman would have in mind. The confusion can also come from the use of same skill-sets included in UI and UX projects. However, the only similarity between the two is that these are related. You can check out a graphical presentation showing the difference between UX and UI shared by Medialinkers web design team.



Knowing When to Redesign a Website

Just like a physical office or a house building needs renovation and maintenance, a website requires it from time to time. However, without proper planning, designing a website becomes a complete waste of time, money and effort. For taking the site to next level, Medialinkers web designers suggest a few steps such as:

You need to know the purpose of a site first, such as leads, users, downloads, education and purchases. What action do you want from the visitors? How can you keep the users engaged? Even though a pretty site is great, a site still has to deliver properly for driving its performance.

Determine site’s purpose by asking customers and stakeholders for ideas and input. Figure out the right components to be published on a site. A site doesn’t have to feature everything so you are required to make some difficult decisions at the same time. The next important step is to plan around. Create mock ups using tools such as HotGloo and Balsamiq for a design overview. Design mock ups are a great way to check the shape of a site without going into the details to make adjustment easily. Some more information is discussed in the infographic below.


What Makes WordPress an Important Website Platform?

WordPress is the most popular content management system available today. For those of you who do not know what a content management system is, well it is a software program implemented for managing and creating HTML content. Content management System (CMS) includes auditing, document control, editing and scheduling content. Content management is not just limited to the HTML documents but includes videos and images in addition to other media forms. Medialinkers web designers share the important features that make WordPress popular. Continue reading

6 Tips to Follow When Designing a Landing Page

Visitors come and land at a site if its marketing is going fine. Landing page is the most crucial page of any site, since it is the first one encountered with your brand. What they experience on your site is how they talk about the page on social media. This is what makes the first impression so important.

However, a good landing page is not about impressing visitors, it is actually about converting them. This is what makes landing pages a central part of SEO and PPC campaigns. A quality landing page which converts also results in higher rankings at a lower ad cost, where as a bad blog can ruin the entire Ad words account and can have a negative impact on your rankings due to Google’s ever changing policy.

Wondering if the landing page is working fine? Some suggestions offered by Kennesaw web design experts to consider are as follow:

  1. Page Speed

Page speed is quite important on the landing pages than other elements. If someone clicks on an ad, they can be converted to a lead, as the window is quite small. The page must load within 1-3 seconds of a click or at most within 4 clicks. However, if takes any longer than that, then the user would happily bounce to another page. There is a Google’s page speed checking tool which will help you in identifying if it is loading fast enough.

  1. Easy to Understand

After the users land on a website, they have to be presented with a single call to action and how they need to follow it. You need to present the offer and what have to do to get it right. If they are unable to understand the elements put on your landing page, the users will immediately turn away from it.

  1. Avoiding Distractions

Unclear and cluttered landing pages also turn users away. Do not stuff your page with other stuff or branded links, as the landing page is created only to generate leads. It must be kept simple and sharp.

  1. Social Sharing

Big brand landing pages deliver messages in this way:

  • Business and Products
  • The benefits you will receive
  • Following the instructions
  • Results will be advertised

Social sharing and proof is very important as far as testimonials and reviews are concerned. Majority of people don’t trust an ad based on the first impression and want to see what other things have gone through the process to see what was promised.

  1. Making Sure the Working of CTA

Whatever the CTA is, you need to make sure that it leads to the expected results. Forms need to be functional and clear. The download links must also work at all times to make the purchases. Do not trick clients as violating CTA will ruin the scenario for you.

  1. Do not Make Your Clients Go Away

What if the clients do not convert on the first offer? Still, don’t lose hope without offering it like a newsletter sign-up. You also don’t have to be pushy about the tactics. Make sure that you do not violate Google’s policy, as tricking people to your site through a fancy JavaScript will only get you banned. Another way to lead them further is to offer a thanks or no thanks button on the offer which will redirect them to a new landing page.

Bottom Line

A landing page is a key aspect between a converted and curious customer.  Last but not the least; also make sure that the quality of landing pages is as good as you have to make it. Follow these tips thoroughly and hire a professional web design agency such as Medialinkers web design to have an immaculate landing page designed for your website.

5 Reasons Why Static Site Generators are better than CMS Sites

Websites in the past were mainly built through HTML and CSS, without requiring any need of dynamic functionality over a server using programming languages such as PHP, JSP and .Net among others. It made life quite simple then. But the hectic maintenance and addition of new pages and information made the task cumbersome over time. This gave birth to technology known as content management system, commonly abbreviated as CMS.

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