Trends which will Dominate Social Media in 2016

Social Media is booming with every passing year. 2015 was the year when social streaming apps such as Meerkat and Periscope won over the early adopters. Snapchat now has about 200 million active users. Besides, the video has emerged as another major trend with ever increasing Facebook users logging about estimated 8 billion video views a day.

The biggest question is what the year 2016 holds for social media? Do you expect to see new technologies changing the way we interact with social media and opening up new ways to share real-time experiences? Wondering how 2016 will shape up the year 2016, check out some figures and fact below:

Social Media Virtual Reality

Today, everyone uses social media for personal and professional sharing. This is what Facebook CEO also wrote after Facebook got Oculus, virtual reality company for only $2 billion in March.  Facebook, the most popular social sharing network has started embedding Oculus technology in its 360 videos.  It has given a window of opportunity to marketers for rolling out on the newsfeed, allowing users to experience scenes from the different angles on both the mobile and web devices to create an immersive experience.

Brands are slowly catching up with the virtual reality video technology and have started creating more content to leverage its benefits.  For this reason, fully immersive VR is slated for a release in early 2016. This will open up more possibilities for a newsfeed. Oculus VR has also released a new social app known as Oculus Social Alpha which can be accessed through a Samsung Gear VR headset. Being a movie-watching app, it allows you to sit in a theater and see a video in real-time with other users. This also makes it one true social application of Facebook’s new technology. Check out the emerging trends of social media for the year 2016, by Medialinkers SEO Company.