Knowing When to Redesign a Website

Just like a physical office or a house building needs renovation and maintenance, a website requires it from time to time. However, without proper planning, designing a website becomes a complete waste of time, money and effort. For taking the site to next level, Medialinkers web designers suggest a few steps such as:

You need to know the purpose of a site first, such as leads, users, downloads, education and purchases. What action do you want from the visitors? How can you keep the users engaged? Even though a pretty site is great, a site still has to deliver properly for driving its performance.

Determine site’s purpose by asking customers and stakeholders for ideas and input. Figure out the right components to be published on a site. A site doesn’t have to feature everything so you are required to make some difficult decisions at the same time. The next important step is to plan around. Create mock ups using tools such as HotGloo and Balsamiq for a design overview. Design mock ups are a great way to check the shape of a site without going into the details to make adjustment easily. Some more information is discussed in the infographic below.



What Makes WordPress an Important Website Platform?

WordPress is the most popular content management system available today. For those of you who do not know what a content management system is, well it is a software program implemented for managing and creating HTML content. Content management System (CMS) includes auditing, document control, editing and scheduling content. Content management is not just limited to the HTML documents but includes videos and images in addition to other media forms. Medialinkers web designers share the important features that make WordPress popular. Continue reading

WordPress Implements HTTPS on All Sites

WordPress is one of the most widely used content management system available with a free and paid market share of 60% or more. A CMS is more than a web hosting platform which helps other people access what you want to publish.  Through WordPress you can publish whatever you want so you not only add, edit or delete material but also monitor what and when has changed, rolling back to what you don’t want to include.

The CMS security affects both you and your readers which means that HTTPS (also known as secure HTTP is nice to have. You can also set up things so your blog and the interface used for editing it use only HTTPS for the use of encrypted connections.

Encryption is one the easiest ways to make sure that there is nothing more important that you forgot to encrypt.  Though working on a “digital paperwork” of getting a website certificate is simple enough, doing it the first time is like taking a trip to a place which you never visited before. This relies on the chain of HTTPS certificates, approved by cryptographic digital signatures offered by one or more certificate authorities. You can also end up in a wrong location with no idea of what you need to do next.

Bringing HTTPS for Free

WordPress announced to register all sites on .com with HTTPS. You will not require a CA for a certificate or install a certificate on your own or wonder what happens next when the certificate expires or to apply it on your own. WordPress will handle everything on your behalf using a project known as Let’s Encrypt to remove the hassle from using HTTPS.

WordPress also uses HTTPS since 2014 on domains that end with This is not as difficult as anyone who has a domain such as can register certificates for covering any sub domains of it, for instance,

Subdomains such as can be covered by voting for *  The * character is known as a wildcard and stands for whatever text you like such as “any wordpress.file.”  WordPress users have bought own domain names to the WP ecosystems for example, hosted by VIP.  Issuing multiple HTTPS certificates automatically and quickly was not easy.

WordPress has placed the bullet on the task for its users and on all the WP hosted sites, such as a * or a custom domain of your own, to implement HTTPS.  However, if the readers are trying to connect via HTTP, it will redirect it to a more secure HTTPS link.

Why You Must Care?

  • Traffic from the encrypted sites can be redirected, modified and intercepted
  • Well-educated readers are increasing suspicious encrypted sites
  • Search engines such as Google rate pages higher on their HTTPS use

You can also hire professional web development agencies such as Medialinkers web design to develop a WordPress site for your needs.

Mobile Search Ads Kicked Off by Google in the US

Google is starting its mobile search ads for automaker dealers and manufacturers soon. The announcement about the beta version was made last May, and is now available to the automotive vendors in the US.

Original equipment manufacturer advertisers are free to run the Model Automotive ads on the searchers against the models and automakers. The ads consist of format images, manufacturer’s website links and performance details along with nearby information and dealers.

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5 Reasons Why Static Site Generators are better than CMS Sites

Websites in the past were mainly built through HTML and CSS, without requiring any need of dynamic functionality over a server using programming languages such as PHP, JSP and .Net among others. It made life quite simple then. But the hectic maintenance and addition of new pages and information made the task cumbersome over time. This gave birth to technology known as content management system, commonly abbreviated as CMS.

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